Pet Spa Services

Full Service Groom

A Full Service Groom includes a consultation with the groomer as to the styling that you want for your pet. The grooming includes the styling and trimming, the bath, cleaning of the ears, expressing the anal glands, and cutting and filing of the nails, and bows or a scarf.. See other services for more options.


Full Service Bath

A Full-service Bath includes bath, anal glands checked, a brush out, blow dry, pads trimmed, ears cleaned, nails clipped, and bows or a scarf.

Nail Filing and Clipping

Cutting and filing of the nails - appointment not needed, takes about 5 minutes, and the filing is free with the nail cutting


We offer several options to help out with that constant shedding! Nothing stops it completely, but our deshedding services will help. Not only do we offer Furminating services, but also a bath/conditioner deshedding service. (extra cost for service) This includes both dogs and cats!

Shedding shedding shedding... That is all some pets seem to do. Now there is a truly effective, pet-friendly solution to your pets hair and dander problem. FURminator® is here!

Remove hair from your pet, not your couch.

Creative Grooming

We offer an extra service of adding some bling, or color tattoos, or custom coloring of your pet. Ask for pricing!


Cat Grooming

We do full service grooming of cats. This includes brush outs, shave downs, and toenail cutting. Our groomer is a member of the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America.

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